Hi hi!! The name's Kyo!!

I'm an overly enthusiastic fool, I'm very stubborn and an overall reckless mess who likes sports way too much!

I'm always willing to help anyone out no matter what so if there's ever anything you need I will be there for you! I think I'm pretty approachable, so feel free to hmu!

I'm also in college, so I might not be on all the time, but if you DM me I'll still try my best to reply asap!

I love my friends a lot I'll fight for them whenever! (I don't enter most dramas directly tho so dw about that)

I use caps a bunch!! And I talk heaps, so please, if it ever bothers you, do let me know!! I will tone it down immediately!

As for interests, I love musicals, theatre, photography, coding, big cities, science, board and card games, bad jokes, tea, old shows, rock music, space and the sea!

Fandom-wise I'm really into sports anime, vocaloid series, crime related shows and games, horror stuff and rpgs!!

That's pretty much it, I hope you have a nice day!