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{ Before You Follow }

Regarding Me

  ▸ I’m 18 lmk if you want me to unfollow! Or sb.

  ▸ I’m not kin (nothing against it tho!)

  ▸ I don’t post NSFW.

  ▸ I don’t talk about it either.

  ▸ I’m not a conflictual person so dw!

  ▸ I don’t sb / break mutuals!

Regarding You:

  ▸ Don’t follow if you fit the general dfi criteria.

  ▸ Df / Unf / Block / Sb rn if you support Trump.

  ▸ I rt / like posts a lot lmk if it's bothersome!

  ▸ Don't try to involve me in discourse!

  ▸ I ONLY sb if u make my friends uncomfortable.

  ▸ If we've cut ties leave me tf alone.